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Full form of PNR is Personal Name Record in India PNR Status  |  PNR Enquiry is widely searched information for Indian Railway reservation status.

Here on view sarkari job we are providing link for PNR Status | PNR Enquiry  from official railway website. PNR no. is a 10 digit unique no. mentioned on the ticket.

Passenger’s personal information like name/age/ gender etc. saved in the database against PNR number. It includes columns to store booking status and current status of the ticket.

As everybody knows every train has limited number of seats, sometime one may not get a confirmed reserved ticket. Booking status of such wait list (W/L) ticket changes when there is any availability of reserved seats due to cancellation. This new current reservation status is generally known as PNR status.

139 SMS service is available by IRCTC. In order to get PNR status on mobile through SMS, one need to send following message on 139.

IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) is the exclusive official partner of Indian Railways that manages online ticket booking. To book your railway ticket through IRCTC website just register and login into IRCTC website. After booked ticket click on ‘Booked Ticket History’. Select your E-Ticket and click ‘Get PNR Status’.

Following codes to understand the PNR status-

CNF- Confirmed.

RAC- Reservation Against Cancellation.

CAN – Cancelled.

WL – Waitlist ticket.

GNWL-  A General Waitlist ticket.

TQWL – Stands for the Tatkal Quota Waitlist.

PQWL – Under Pooled Quota Waitlist.

RSWL – A station-specific wait list is named a Road-Side Waitlist.


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